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Cold Work Steel (HPM38, HPM50)

Cold Work Steel (HPM38, HPM50)

Trade Info
Trademark: NN
Standard: DIN BS
Production Capacity: 680MT
Model NO.: HPM38, HPM50
Basic Info
Model NO.:HPM38, HPM50
Additional Info.
Standard:DIN BS
Production Capacity:680MT
Product Description

Cr12MOV, High hardness wear-resistant Cold Work Die Steel
Smelting characteristic
The composition of design featureshigh hardenability, high toughness.
The use of Electric arc furnace (EAF+ refiningLF+ VacuumVD or SKF+ Vacuum Electro-slag (ESRmake the production of die steel are in high purity and good performance.

The performance advantages and the uses
1Highlight advantage
Excellent hardenability.
Excellent Wear resistance
Used in manufacture of high wear-resistant Die and Punch, cold shear knives, drill bush, gauge, wire-drawing dies, coining, thread rolling dies, as well as drawing die.

Chemical Composition       
Content1.6≤ 0.40  ≤ 0.35120.50.25≤ 0.030≤ 0.030
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